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The Overland Explorer composite CAMP Series is a lightweight, composite slide in and flat bed pop up camper designed specifically for the full size 1/2 or 3/4 ton truck market. These campers are designed with a proprietary panel and extrusion system to keep weight extremely light, extremely tough, and extremely warm (or cool!). With new extrusions designed specifically for this application, thermal transfer has been almost eliminated keeping the interior more comfortable in inclement weather. Along with the very high insulating value of our hybrid wall, it has incorporated a fully insulated soft side, it is a standard feature that will keep you warm….or cool and it’s substantially quieter than a single panel side. The heavy duty locking roof supports are easy to use, and lock solidly in place, a foot of heavy wet snow….no problem!

Big Sky RV Has 4 Camp X truck campers on order. The new version will have the following revisions for the pictured camper.  
1. The fridge will be permanently cabinet mounted.  
2. The Heat system will be a Truma Vario Heat and the Hot water heater will be a Truma Aqua Go continuous hot water system.
3. The counter top will feature a cook top and a sink.
4. The dinette space will now be a U shaped dinette with a specific place for the Porta Potti. this also creates a larger lower sleep surface.  
5. TBT dry weight. The dry weight will go down from its current iteration.
Top Features 
1. All composite construction.  No wood substrates 
2. Extreme duty custom extrusion Exoskeleton construction method, using the strongest automotive urethane adhesives and fasteners.  The side walls are multi- layered are 
1 5/8" and perform at R-8 insulation factor. 
3. The tent material is double layered and insulated and performs at a R-4 insulation factor.