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Your Camp365 breezes down roads and sneaks down trails. Down the road, its patented Adjustable Wheel Base creates a six-foot-wide wheel base. It’s so aerodynamic and narrow—just four feet wide—?and light—under 1,500 pounds—that you save on gas (and electricity, if you’re towing with an electric vehicle) on every trip. Get to your spot, collapse the axle in just 90 seconds, and your axle shrinks to just under four feet wide. NOW, you can take ?it to places no other camper can go. One minute, you're pulling your camper down the trail. Nine minutes later you are standing in a 700-cubic-foot weekend cabin that's wide and tall enough for an NFL offensive line and its coach—sprawling 12' by 8' base, and a soaring 7' 6" tall. And it's cool all summer and warm all winter, thanks to seven-window cross-ventilation, proprietary R7 insulation, and electric air conditioner and electric or propane heater, so you and your gang can go anywhere you want, every day of the year.

Camp365 Camper

Camp365 Camp365 Camper Fold Down Floor Plan
  • GVWR: 2200
  • Sleeps: Up To 6
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