Warranty Information FAQ's

What do factory warranties cover?

Most manufacture warranties are limited in coverage.  Big Sky RV highly recommends a prospective buyer fully read the manufactures warranty documents for the RV they may be considering.  RV dealers are not party to the manufacture warranty, they are however requested to facilitate the warranty repairs in accordance with the manufactures warranty policies as part of their respective dealer agreements. 

What is the Jayco Warranty?

Jayco currently has one of the most comprehensive Warranties in the business, full 2 year.  Among the conventional main stream RV manufactures Jayco has always had a step above warranty.  Most manufactures including other brands Big Sky RV sells have a 1-year warranty with a 3-year structural warranty. This is often marketed as a 3-year warranty therefore we always recommend asking to read a complete copy of the warranty documents to truly understand what is covered.

What is the Starcraft Warranty?

​Starcraft offers an industry standard 1-year limited warranty  with a 3 year structural warranty.
Measa Ridge also offers a industry standard 1-year limited warranty with a 3 year limited structural warranty.

What is Mesa Ridge’s warranty?

Mesa Ridge also offers an industry standard 1-year limited warranty with a 3-year limited structural warranty. 

I want to live in my new RV, will manufactures warranty cover my new RV?

Most RV manufactures warranties do have limitations regarting full-time use. Big Sky RV highly recommends all potential RV buyers read the manufactures warranty in its entirety. 

I'm buying an RV for commercial use, will the manufactures warranty cover my new RV?

Most RV manufactures warranties will not warranty RVs used for commercial purposes. Big Sky RV highly recommends a potential RV buyer to fully read the RV's warranty. However, extended service contracts have been used to help protect RVs used for these purposes. 

Will Big Sky RV make non-warranty adjustment to my new RV?

Yes, Big Sky RV will do some goodwill, non-warranty adjustments during the original warranty period as a service to our customers.  

What else should I know about owning an RV?

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How important is having a good local Dealer for warranty service?

RV dealers all around the country have experienced a shortage of Qualified RV technicians therefore have very limited resources during the peak camping season. Unfortunately, many RV dealers simply do not have the resources to prioritize customers in need “out of service” warranty repair for customers who purchased the RV from an out of town competitors.  Big Sky RV offers our warranty repair resources on a first come first serve basis, and when it comes to out of service problems (problems preventing the use of the RV), Big Sky RV feels it has a moral obligation to prioritize warranty service for customers who choose to purchase the RV at Big Sky RV.  We do however promise facilitate warranty every product that we are an authorized warranty service provider for on a first come first serve basis.