Protecting Your RV FAQ's

Does Big Sky RV offer RV protection plans?

Yes, Big Sky RV offers Jay Plus extended service protection plans, Guaranteed Asset Protection, Road Side assistance programs, and some others as-well. 

Why do many veteran RV owners recommend additional warranty coverage?

Factory warranties cover the RV best when you are likely to need them least. RVs are produced using lots of specialized components, components that must with-stand the rigors of earthquake like road vibration, and repeated varied use over a very long trade cycle.  There-fore for many it makes sense to cover their investment more completely. 

Why should I buy a Factory branded service contract vs an independent?

Factory Branded service contracts have a vested interest in protecting the brand name. Independent providers are generally more vested in profitability for their share-holders.  The Jay Plus extra ride program by protective is the only RV extended service contract that has been endorsed by RVIA. This has been the case since 1992.

What is GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)?

GAP is an optional coverage that will pay the difference between the insurance settlement check and what you may still owe on the RV loan in the case of a total loss due to hail, fire, theft, or accident.

Why would I need GAP?

New cars, Boats, and RVs can depreciate faster than most folks can pay down their RV loans, and many folks finance accessories .  Many standard insurance policies only pay the fair market value or actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Leaving a possible substantial GAP in the loss covered. Some insurance also will not address the value of accessories.  GAP coverage comes to the rescue.

But, wont my insurance pay off my loan?

Most insurance is not designed to address a loan payoff.  Ask your insurance provider if they will pay off your loan, whatever the balance.

What is Route 66?

Big Sky RV belongs to a dealer association called Route 66. When a customer purchases a RV from Big Sky RV, they are enrolled into the Route 66 promises plan. Other plans such as road side assist and consumer direct technical assistance are available and quite affordable. 

Can I live in my RV?

Recreational Vehicles or “RVs” are generally designed for Recreational use. Even though there has recently been TV Programs and Bloggers who document their full-time RV lifestyle, full-time RV living is not without its difficulties and typically requires extensive RV experience and knowledge. Further, Big Sky RV generally believes most RVs are not manufactured in a manner that lends its self to full time year-round living.