Financing Your RV Purchase FAQ's

Does Big Sky RV have financing options?

Yes, and our lending partners using improve some aspect of financing the RV compared to what may be available from other sources. Lower rates, less money down, more favorable terms, lower payments and sometimes all of the above. 

How long can a RV be financed for?

RV's can typically be financed for longer periods of time than autos, however the term is determined by factors such as amount to be financed, age of the RV and the lending institutions internal guidelines. 

Is RV loan Interest Tax deductible?

The IRS has ruled the interest paid on an RV may be educatable as home mortgage interest if the RV is used as security for the loan and has cooking, sleeping, and toilet facilities.

Does Big Sky RVs lending partners offer balloon notes or variable rate loans?

Big Sky RV does not offer variable or balloon loans.  Theses types of loans can have unpleasant consequences to our customers in our experience. 

I am self-employed, do I have financing options?

Yes, we are experts at navigating financing for self-employed RV buyers.

Why does Big Sky RV offer a discount for using one of their lending partners?

​Big Sky RV does receive a bit of income when we arrange your financing for you and we will pass in part that on to you as an up-front savings.

I live out of State; can I finance my RV purchase with Big Sky RVs lending partners?

Yes, we are experienced in navigating financing for out of State buyers. We also arrange to pay your local sales tax. 

Is an RV expensive to register?

Towable RVs are permanently registered in Montana. One-time fee and then you are done for as long as you own your towable RV.   Motorized RVs are a bit more expensive to register and require annual renewal however the fees comparable to a normal pick-up then drop to a more nominal annual fee.

How fast do RVs depreciate?

RV depreciation is quite subjective to several factors such as, original dealer margin/mark-up, original price point, floor-plan desirability, unit options, color, and the units care and condition. RVs that are not well cared for or lived in hard can see substantially more depreciation.  RVs with unusual or undesirable floor-plans can also depreciate a bit faster.  However according to NADA some Jayco RVs maintain up to %3 better resale value than contemporary products.  

Can I finance my RV purchase with Big Sky RVs lending partners if I intend on living in the RV full-time or for commercial use?

In most cases, NO. Retail recreational installment contracts do not conform with RVs to be used as a primary residence. However, some local banks and some national lenders may not have objections to financing RVs for full-time use.

I live out of State, can I register my RV in Montana?

Montana typically requires a physical address in order to register a RV in State.