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Recreational Vehicles and the RV Business are a realatively young industry. The RV manufacturers assemble thousands of units a year, by people who assemble thousands of parts from hundreds of different suppliers. Coupling that with complexity of the RV, it can create a difficult and trying service experience.  Luckily Big Sky RV has technicians that together have over 50 years of experience and stay up on changing technology with yearly clinics.

Whether your RV is new or used, at some point, your RV will need a varying degree of service. Big Sky RV's Service Department is always there to help but our schedule can be very busy during the summer months and our can be pushed out to 3-5 weeks druing peak season (March-August). We will always make time to take care of our customers with pressing problems like safety issues or problems that would prevent any used of the RV. We will also try to keep you, our customer, informed during the service process and ask that you please be paitent with us if we are not able to sevice your unit immediately. After August, Big Sky RV will be able to accomodate your needs in a morely timely matter. 

Click thru our FAQ topics to help you in operating your RV or understaning RV topics. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Service Center FAQ's

RV Parts

Big Sky RV's Parts Department is committed to supplying you with the top quality parts and accessories you need and want to make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible. Stop by and check out our parts store in Bozeman or limited parts store in Billings. We carry over $400,000 of inventory on hand to ensure we have the items you are looking for. If you do not see something you want, just ask and we will be glad to order that item for you and ship it directly to your door.


RV Parts FAQ's

RV Finance

Q: Does Big Sky RV have financing options?
A: Yes, and our lending partners can usually improve some aspect of financing the RV compared to what may be available from other sources. Lower rates, less money down, more favorable terms, lower payments and sometimes all of the above. 
Q: How Long can a RV be financed for?
A: RVs can typically be financed for longer periods of time than autos however the term is determined by factors such as amount to be financed, age of the RV and the lending institutions internal guidelines. 
Q: Is RV loan Interest Tax deductible?
A: The IRS has ruled the interest paid on an RV may be deductible as home mortgage interest if the RV is used as security for the loan and has cooking, sleeping, and toilet facilities.
Q: Does Big Sky RVs lending partners offer balloon notes or variable rate loans?
A: Big Sky RV does not advocate or offer variable or balloon loans.  These types of loans can have unpleasant consequences to our customers in our experience. 
Q: I am self-employed, do I have financing options.
A: Yes, we are experts at navigating financing for self-employed RV buyers.
Q: Why does Big Sky RV offer a discount for using one of their lending partners. 
A: Big Sky RV does receive a bit of income when we arrange your financing for you and we will pass in part that on to you as an up-front savings. 
Q: I live out of State; can I finance my RV purchase with Big Sky RVs lending partners?
A: Yes, we are experienced in navigating financing for out of State buyers. We also arrange to pay your local sales tax. 
Q: Is an RV expensive to register?
A: Towable RVs are permanently registered in Montana. One-time fee and then you are done for as long as you own your towable RV.   Motorized RVs are a bit more expensive to register and require annual renewal however the fees comparable to a normal pick-up then drop to a more nominal annual fee.
Q: How Fast do RVs depreciate?
A: RV depreciation is quite subjective to several factors such as, original dealer margin/mark-up, original price point, floor-plan desirability, unit options, color, and the units care and condition. RVs that are not well cared for or lived in hard can see substantially more depreciation.  RVs with unusual or undesirable floor-plans can also depreciate a bit faster.  However according to NADA some Jayco RVs maintain up to %3 better resale value than contemporary products. 

RV Finance FAQ's

Protecting an RV Investment

Many RV Buyers and Owners choose to protect their new RVs in a couple different ways. 

Q: Does Big Sky RV offer RV protection plans
A: Yes, Big Sky RV offers Jay Plus extended service protection plans, Guaranteed Asset Protection, Road Side assistance programs, and some others as-well.

Q; Why do many veteran RV owners recommend additional warranty coverage?
A: Factory warranties cover the RV best when you are likely to need them least. While the factory warranty is vital during the first year of ownership component failures often happen farther into the average RV trade cycle.  RVs are produced using many specialized components, components that must with-stand the rigors of earthquake like road vibration, and repeated varied use over a very long trade cycle.  Therefore, for many RV owners it makes sense to cover their investment more completely. 

Q: Why should I buy a Factory branded service contract vs an independent?
A: Factory Branded service contracts have a vested interest in protecting the brand name they bear. Independent providers are generally more vested in profitability for their share-holders.  The Jay Plus extra ride program by protective is the only RV extended service contract that has been endorsed by the RVDA. This has been the case since 1992.

Q: What is GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
A: GAP is an optional coverage that will pay the difference between the insurance settlement check and what you may still owe on the RV loan in the case of a total loss due to hail, fire, theft, or accident.

Q: Why would I need it GAP
A: New cars, Boats, and RVs can depreciate faster than most folks can pay down their RV loans, and many folks finance accessories.  Many standard insurance policies only pay the fair market value or actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Leaving a possible substantial GAP in the loss covered. Some insurance also will not address the value of accessories.  GAP coverage comes to the rescue.
Q: But, wont my insurance pay off my loan?
A: Most insurance is not designed to address a loan payoff.  Ask your insurance provider if they will pay off your loan, whatever the balance.
Q: Can I finance the cost of extended service contracts, GAP, or other protective services?
A: Yes!
Q: What is Route 66?
A: Big Sky RV belongs to a dealer association called Route 66.  When a customer purchases a RV from Big Sky RV, they are enrolled into the Route 66 promises plan.  Other plans such as road side assist and consumer direct technical assistance are available and quite affordable. 

Protecting an RV Investment FAQ's

Factory Warranty Information

Q: What do factory warranties cover?
A: Most manufacture warranties are limited in coverage.  Big Sky RV highly recommends a prospective buyer fully read the manufactures warranty documents for the RV they may be considering.  RV dealers are not party to the manufacture warranty, they are however requested to facilitate the warranty repairs in accordance with the manufactures warranty policies as part of their respective dealer agreements.

Q: What is Jayco’s warranty?
A: Jayco currently has one of the most comprehensive Warranties in the business, full 2 year.  Among the conventional main stream RV manufactures Jayco has always had a step above warranty.  Most manufactures including other brands Big Sky RV sells have a 1-year warranty with a 3-year structural warranty. This is often marketed as a 3-year warranty therefore we always recommend asking to read a complete copy of the warranty documents to truly understand what is covered.

Q: What is Starcraft’s warranty?
A: Starcraft offers an industry standard 1-year limited warranty with a 3-year limited structural warranty.
Q: What is Mesa Ridge’s warranty?
A: Mesa Ridge also offers an industry standard 1-year limited warranty with a 3-year limited structural warranty.
Q: Will Big Sky RV make non-warranty adjustment to my new RV?
A: Yes, Big Sky RV will do some non-warranty adjustments during the original warranty period as a service to our customers. 
Q: What else should I know about owning an RV?
A: Click below to download the Big Sky RV information handbook.
Q: How important is having a good local Dealer for warranty service?
A: RV dealers all around the country have experienced a shortage of Qualified RV technicians therefore have very limited resources during the peak camping season. Unfortunately, many RV dealers simply do not have the resources to prioritize customers in need “out of service” warranty repair for customers who purchased the RV from an out of town competitors.  Big Sky RV offers our warranty repair resources on a first come first serve basis, and when it comes to out of service problems (problems preventing the use of the RV), Big Sky RV feels it has a moral obligation to prioritize warranty service for customers who choose to purchase the RV at Big Sky RV.  We do however promise facilitate warranty every product that we are an authorized warranty service provider for on a first come first serve basis.      

Factory Warranty Information FAQ's