Posted August 1, 2018

Fifth Wheels for 5'6" or 6'6" Half Ton Trucks

With more and more options for half-ton, 5'6" and 6'6" truck beds, the industry has created great solutions when it comes to fifth wheels. Traditionally when towing a fifth wheel, the fifth wheel pivots where the king pin connects to the hitch. When towing with a standard king pin, the fifth wheel trailer turns or pivots where the king pin is connected to the hitch. With a fifth wheel MORryde Orbital King Pin Box, the truck and trailer are prevented from pivoting at the hitch and relocates the new pivot point 22-inches closer to the tailgate. This creates the space needed between the truck cab and trailer for sharp turns. The new pivot point makes the fifth wheel track better for even easier towing.

The MORryde pin box system utilizes a unique rubber shear spring to positively deal with rough towing and road shock. The rubber spring works in a horizontal planar motion (in a longitudinal and lateral motion) to absorb the towing shock. This allows the MORryde pin box system to effectively diminish the transfer of forces from the trailer to the truck. 

The MORryde Orbital Rubber Pin Box is a manufacturer option you can order on your trailer and we recommend if you have a 5'6" or 6'6" truck bed, you should select this option.  

We have several aftermarket solutions and installation is bolt-on, and typically takes about one hour.