Posted March 24, 2017

Buying Pre-Owned from Big Sky RV

It’s finally Spring and as this long Montana winter breaks we want to remind you about our Pre-Owned inventory. Big Sky RV has many different Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Motorhomes in different price ranges. We pride ourselves in working for our customers so keeping a sizable inventory of both new and used models is mandatory. When purchasing a pre-owned RV there are a few things to keep in mind:

Options: You only have so much money set aside to purchase an RV with and we understand that. RV Dealerships know this and structure their inventory to have many different floorplans, in different price ranges. When working with our salesmen, let them know what you can afford and we will work hard to find multiple units for your price range.

Business in a Business Setting: Anyone who has ever posted something for sale online knows that scams, phony email addresses, and fake numbers happen all the time. Working in a business setting doesn’t eliminate this, but it does minimize it. Also, people often assume that working with private sellers will get you the best deal. Big Sky RV tries to bring in quality pre-owned units, we professionally service them, and work hard to provide you the best value and experience for your money.

Financing: Big Sky RV has a financing department and we have access to multiple lending institutions. Our financing department often gets the best quotes for a buyer. 

Aftermarket (sometimes unsafe) Modifications: Previous owners sometimes install gizmos and gadgets to trailers that can be unsafe to the user and/or the trailer. Big Sky RV looks over each pre-owned unit to verify they are safe to use.

Manufacturer Service Information: Safety recalls happen on RV’s just like they do on cars. RV dealers receive service announcements from manufacturers which private sellers might not have access to. Big Sky RV can take care of these issues prior to sale or we can schedule repairs for a later date. 

For more information feel free to stop by our dealership or visit us online.