Posted June 21, 2016

RV Trips Around the Area

The smell of a natural hot springs, morning dew on the leave, summer thunderstorms, children learning and playing in nature, these are the reasons why we love camping around Bozeman. Knowing that our customers have the same interest we decided to write a blog about OUR favorite camping spots within a short driving distance.  These are the recommendations from the employees of Big Sky RV:

Gates of the Mountains: The Gates of the Mountains are as cool as it sounds. Where the Missouri River enters the mountains, the cliffs are jagged rocks and they stand tall from the water. Coulter Campground offers 7 boat-in campsites on the seas side of Upper Holter Lake and adjacent to the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness. Approximately 1-mile north is a large day-use area with wilderness access and boat docks. A scenic river trail provides access between the campground and picnic site. For more information about activities around the area and to book a boat tour visit

Potosi Hot Springs: Potosi Hot Springs is about 25 minutes out of the town of Pony, MT. Getting to the hot springs is one of the best parts. After the drive there’s a short hike, starting in a dense wood trail that opens up to a field scattered with granite boulders. About a half mile from the parking lot you will be able to rest, in the Potosi hot spring. There are also numerous hikes around the area. For more information visit

Canyon Ferry Reservoir: Canyon Ferry is a favorite for camping, fishing, and watersports. With numerous campgrounds around the reservoir, tons of locals frequent the lake all year round. Originally a trout lake, Canyon Ferry is a great fishery for Walleye, Perch, Rainbow Trout, and about 8 more species of fish. The lake water will get into the 70’s during the summer months which make it a great place for water sports. Kim’s Marina has RV hookups and boat slips making it a great option. The Silos also have camping spots and boat slips with several boat ramps. White Earth is in the middle of the lake and a good option if you plan to visit both ends of the lake. For more information visit

Natural Bridge Falls: Heading south from Big Timber, Montana 298 is an excellent paved road that runs through a broad valley. Natural Bridge Falls are about 24 miles south of Big Timber. You will want to follow the signs to Natural Bridge Falls Picnic Area, which is a day use area but well worth the trip for the sights and hikes. In low water the entire river goes underground above the falls and erupts from several places to create a river bursting out of a cliff wall. At high water these streams are joined by the bulk of the river pouring over the lip. Two campgrounds, Whittleton Campground and Middle Fork Campground, provide 82 sites with utilities. Twelve primitive campsites are also available. Dump stations and two central service buildings with rest rooms and showers are furnished for your convenience. For more information visit

Sureshot Lakes: Upper Sureshot Lake is located approximately 15 miles from Norris, MT. Other nearby towns where anglers can stop to get some food or get some bait near Upper Sureshot Lake include Ennis, Virginia City and Twin Bridges. If Upper Sureshot Lake doesn't satisfy, there are also multiple rivers, creeks, and streams nearby. Fore more information visit

Fairy Lake: Fairy is a little hidden lake in the Bridger Mountains outside of Bozeman. It’s a gorgeous glacial green lake in a forested bowl at the base of Sacagawea Peak. This is a great place to have a picnic, fish, and swim. The lake is a short distance from the Fairy Lake Campground where there are only 9 campground spaces. It’s managed off of a first-come, first-served basis making it difficult to get a spot but it’s well worth the wait.  The hikes around the area are beautiful and the lake makes for a great getaway. For more information visit

Pishkun Reservoir: Pishkun Reservoir is part of the Sun River Project. It is between Augusta and Choteau off of hwy 287. The Reservoir is an off stream storage reservoir and is formed by 8 dikes with heights ranging from 12 to 50 feet and an overall length of 9,050 feet. This reservoir, with 1,550 surface acres and 13 miles of shoreline. The reservoir offers major game fishing for kokanee salmon, northern pike, and rainbow trout. A picnic shelter is available and primitive campsites are available as well as access for camp trailers, toilets and boat launch. For more information visit

Hyalite Reservoir: Hyalite Reservoir is located 10.5 miles up Hyalite Canyon outside of Bozeman. It contains cutthroat trout and arctic grayling. A “no wake” rule has been instituted, allowing only low speed motoring for trolling. Chisholm and Hood Creek Campgrounds are located on the east shore of the lake offering family camping units, picnic sites, boat ramps, outhouses, and drinking water. There are a ton of hikes in the area with waterfalls and wildlife. If you are visiting Bozeman, this is a must see. For more information visit

Madison River: The Madison River is one of the main tributaries to the Missouri River and it has excellent trout fishing. Starting in Yellowstone National Park, it flows for more than 140 miles until it reaches the Missouri River outside of Three Forks, MT. There are a number of different campgrounds on the river and don’t be surprised if you find a lot of young adults floating the river on warm summer days between Norris and Bozeman. The Madison River offers exceptional fishing in a beautiful setting. All fishermen can enjoy the river, as the dry fly fisherman, the nymph fisherman and the streamer fisherman all enjoy success on the river. For more information visit

Saint Anthony Sand Dunes:  This 10,600 acre playground of clear, shifting, white quartz sand is known for its unique beauty and exceptional recreation opportunities. St. Anthony BLM camping, Sand Hills Resort, and Idaho Dunes RV Park offer different types of camping spots, some with services and some without. People enjoy motorsports, horseback riding, and camping while visiting the Sand Dunes. The trip from Bozeman is approximately 160 miles and it makes for a unique getaway. For more information visit

Haymaker Canyon: Haymaker Canyon Trail is the eastern most trail in the Little Belts drops down Haymaker Canyon, the longest canyon on Musselshell District, through Haymaker Narrows with 200 feet cliffs on either side, crossing the creek 4 or 5 times. It’s open to ATV and Motorcycles. Haymaker Park offers a large number of wildflowers in the spring and has good views to the south down Daisy Canyon. Dispersed camping is allowed and there are no services set up for campers. For more information visit

Shadow Mountain: The best views of the Tetons aren’t in the Tetons. They’re across the valley. Shadow Mountain is located north and east of Blacktail Butte and in the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Gros Ventre mountains. From this vantage point you can see the Tetons and all of their glory. For more information visit

Fort Peck Reservoir: According to the World Almanac, Fort Peck Dam, MT is the largest embankment dam in the United States with the fifth-largest man-made reservoir. More than 50 different kinds of fish swim in Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana's largest body of water. The lake is about 134 miles in length and has a maximum depth of 220 feet when full. The lake has a lot of camp grounds with your choice of both with hookups and without. Typical activities include, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, picnicking, watersports, and wildlife viewing. For more information visit

We hope you enjoy these favorites and please feel free to share your photo's with us. 

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